Knowledge Shared is Knowledge Gained!

There is knowledge that one gains from textbooks and then there is knowledge that comes with experience.

Backed by respected and experienced professionals who rejoice in sharing what they have learned over the years. We bring to you workshops with these masters.

  • Through these sessions, learn first hand how the magic is created in television programs, films and music albums.
  • Meet professionals from the audio community and learn techniques from their years of experience in specially structured and focused workshops.

Workshops we offer:

  • Pro Tools workshops
    Pro Tools®, is a world renowned professional digital audio workstation heard on innumerable, famous and awarded music albums, TV series and Films. This workshop gives beginners access to the world of sound recording and post-production using Avid Pro Tools.

    • Covering the fundamentals of digital audio, history of Pro Tools and to give an overview of current features of the platform.
    • Understand the needs to shift to a 64-bit program architecture, the AAX plugin format, advantages of new audio-video subsystems and AAX over competitor formats.
    • Through the workshop, get a demo of the revolutionary new editing features like Realtime Clip effects, Track commit & freeze, multiple stem bouncing, flexible routing and metering, clip overlays and transparency, playlist editing, cloud collaboration & Avid Marketplace overview and a lot more.
    • Explore advantages of various Pro Tools system options and discuss concepts of control surface mixing with Pro Tools|Control on iPad + Pro Tools|DOCK + Pro Tools|S3.
    • Get an insight into the various certification programs and understand benefits of  certification courses for – Students, Educators and Professionals.
  • VENUE workshops
    Avid’s sound digital mixing consoles VENUE has created a world full of possibilities for artists and their engineers to recreate sounds recorded by the artist in the studio easily the on stage.This workshop covers the following;

    • Understand the VENUE concept
    • Use VENUE control software
    • Operate a VENUE control surfaces
    • Enable Built-in effects processing
    • Understand TDM plug-ins and VENUE
    • Mix with VENUE
    • Operate Matrix Mixers
    • Connect VENUE and Pro Tools
    • Be ready to attend the VENUE 210V Live Sound Production II course
  • Electro-Acoustics and d&b Audiotechnik Product Seminar
    This seminar provides a comprehensive guide to the principles of acoustics. “How does sound propagate? How do sound waves combine?” To mention a couple of the important questions that will be answered during this session in an informative and entertaining way.
    Inthisworkshop the participants are familiarized with

    • The basics of acoustics, loudspeaker characteristics and design.
    • The E-Series, T-Series, Y-Series, V-Series and J-Series products are introduced, as are the d&b amplifiers, both in theory and with listening sessions.
    • This workshop is also a guide to the d&b Remote network. Beside all the functions inside a d&b amplifier to enable integration into all kinds of reinforcement systems, participants will learn what to consider to make up a useful remote network.
    • Light will be shone on all aspects of a network design, starting at the hardware and ending at the individual user interface.
    • This workshop demystifies the general knowledge of line arrays, bringing this technology into the right perspective and to the real world. Questions like why and when do I need to use a line array will be answered as well as the principles of designing loudspeaker setups utilizing the d&b ArrayCalc software.

Other than these workshop we organise product and technology seminars conducted by industry leaders and pro-audio manufacturers.