is India’s premier training partner for students and professionals in the studio, broadcast and live industries. The company registered under the name of Indian School for Media Studies fills a need for standardized education and knowledge sharing to raise the bar in the quality of deliverables being put out by the music, film, tv and live industries in India.

The team behind comes with over two decades of experience in the media and digital domains in India. The deep industry knowledge and global network of the most accomplished individuals available through the portal of will assist in transforming media education and knowledge sharing.

We make a difference by:

• Offering certification courses on the industry’s most used technologies.
• Working with education facilities that are offering media courses, to upgrade them to provide industry level certification courses
• Providing expert analysis, suggest the most optimum workflow and deliver the training needed for TV channels, sound rental companies, post and music studios to be able to optimise their investment and deliver the highest quality for your clients.
• By being a portal to the most acclaimed professionals globally in the media education, studio, tv and live industries to share their knowledge.