Gert Sanner

Regional Application Support and Education Manager, d&b audiotechnik

Gert has worked for more than 20 years in the live sound industry as a system tech and front of house engineer for shows ranging from corporate events, Broadway shows, large-scale stadium tours and major UK festivals. He has also spent six-years as the in-house engineer for legendary British rock band ‘Deep Purple‘ before joining d&b audiotechnik.

This workshop will be covering some key aspects of live sound theory listed as below:

In this module the participants are familiarised with the basics of acoustics, loudspeaker characteristics and design.

Line arrays
This module is about the principles of line arrays. The day demystifies popular beliefs on line arrays, bringing this technology into perspective and applying it to the real world. Questions like why and when do I need to use a line array will be answered as well as the principles of designing loudspeaker setups utilising the d&b ArrayCalc software.

J-Series & V-Series
This is an introduction to the loudspeakers within the J-Series and V-Series, and their use in the working environment. Explicit knowledge about efficient planning, set up and combination of these Series is covered. Plenty of practical exercises make it a realistic model of daily work for rental company owners, live sound engineers and system techs.


Training: 17th and 18th – 9.30AM to 5.00PM & 19th – 9.30AM to 3.00PM
Venue: Hotel Novotel, Hyderabad Airport